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P-N-Dubya — Last Puff-N-Sip of 2007 Is Upon Us

Wednesday, November 14th, 2007


It is with sadness that I announce our last Puff-N-Sip of 2007. And, since we are moving forward into a new year, I would like to get something off my chest…
I understand that the fine people of Portland, Oregon like to live at a slower pace, drive cars with bumper stickers that say, “Ralph Nader for President” and “Keep Portland Weird” and shun all things Californian, but Puff-N-Sip is NOT CALIFORNIAN.
Puff-N-Sip is a national organization with a clear purpose – encourage happiness through the consumption of alcohol. Now, I ask each of you…what organization promotes a better cause? What, you don’t want to be happy? You don’t want to smile? You’d rather read your voters pamphlet or protest another big box retail outlet because it will endanger slug habitat? Get real people, this is the holiday season and you should BE HAPPY!
Puff-N-Sip begins promptly at 5:30:07 on November 18th, 2007 @ The Vault.

And as if it isn’t enough that you should BE HAPPY Gina Evans has agreed to buy all attendees their first cocktail! Why? Because she feels guilty for having stood me up on countless occasions and has assured me that she will be at the upcoming Puff-N-Sip! And since Gina has stood me up on numerous occasions she will be recruiting heavily from Montgomery Park to ensure we have a fantastic turnout.

Lastly, there are a few people who have disappointed me thus far. People who have it in them to BE HAPPY, but have failed to regularly attend these events. They are listed below in no particular order, but deserve to be publicly shamed into attending. If you are on this list please consider what I will do to you if you do not attend…please, for your sake.

  • Terry Van Bramer
  • Elaine Zakrzewski
  • Rick Ford
  • Lisa Larpenteur
  • Susan Flad
  • Brant Hunsaker 
  • Charlie Jones 
  • Jennifer Nassif 
  • Yann Blindert 
  • Shay LaBray 
  • Ryan Garrow

Regional PNW Puff-N-Sip Manager,


Mark Your Calendars Now

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006

I moved to the P-N-Dubya for the outdoors, Oregon Duck football games and homes with fire sale prices.  But now it has begun to rain and the ducks have lost 2 out of their last three football games.  I know!  I will drink myself happy!

Some of you, must be a Rose City thing, have requested at least “two-weeks” notice.  Well, let it not be said that I do not listen to my peoples.  I do!  This said Puff-N-Sip will commence at exactly 5:01:01 on Thursday November 9, 2006.

Failure to attend will result in Lisa Larpenteur and Rick Ford doing one shot each minute until such time they are removed from the lounge by EMT’s or Jim Dockweiler actually shows up.  Yes, I will begin calling out all those would be puffers and sippers who request notification in advance yet still fail to attend!

Festivities will begin at East China Town Lounge @ 322 NW Everett Street

Regional Puff-N-Sip Manager,

Puff’n'sip — Taking over the world!

Friday, July 14th, 2006

We are! It’s really happening. Last night Portland gave in. See the proof in Puff’n'sip gallery.

Nice, very nice.

Lotsa love,

Big Red and Gil J.

Puff’n'Sip Hits the PNW!!!

Thursday, July 13th, 2006

A gentle, soothing reminder….Puff ‘n’ Sip commences today Thursday the Thirteenth of July two-thousand and six @ 4:48:30 PM. Partaking in frosty, frothy, foamy goodness is optional, having a good time isn’t.

Begins: 4:52:41 PM @ Lotus 932 SW 3rd (picnic tables out front)

Regional Pacific Northwest Chapter Manager,

Gil J.

Pacific Norwest Chapter is here! Lets get started…

Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
Puff ‘n’ Sip is a simple concept–arrange a regular outing for team members, team member friends/partners to meet after work for the sole purpose of having a good time while imbibing fine spirits and possibly smoking a cigar.

Now some of you might be saying, “Gil, this is just plain weird, we don’t do it like that up here in the P-N-Dubya”. To that I say, “We do now!” Others of you may say, “Gil, I don’t drink or smoke cigars.” To that I say, “so long as you can have fun drinking tap water and chewing on a toothpick this is an event not to be missed.” And others of you may say, “Gil, I live in the burbs and have to get home to my kids.” To that I say, “what’s another couple hours of daycare”.

OK, we have an official website. If you view the pictures (don’t forget to read Stas’ email invites to the bay area chapter events — they are legendary…he uses english in a very unconventional way) you’ll see that even movie stars have crashed our bay area event, so who knows what might happen in the Rose City.

Puff ‘n’ Sip commences on Thursday the Thirteenth of July two-thousand and six @ 4:48:30 PM – mark your calendars now.

Way Too Much Love,


Regional Pacific Northwest Puff ‘n’ Sip Manager