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Puff’n'sip is here again!!

Tuesday, April 26th, 2005

Well, I hope you have been resting up and getting ready for the Puff’n'sip day. I sure have been. And it’s almost here!!!
Tomorrow, Wednesday (in pre-Puff’n'sip terms), April 27 we are

Straining at Zebulon, 83 Natoma St @ 5:30 PM. Don’t get lost. Call Stas if you are….

Moving to Cigar Club, 850 Montgomery @ around 7:30 PM

See you all there.
Lots of love,

Puff’n'sip — sooooo on this week! Plus a special tribute…

Tuesday, April 19th, 2005

As it goes, there are always good and bad news… So here you go:
GOOD:   We are on for tomorrow.
5:30 at Holding Company, 2 Embarcadero, 2nd floor
7:30 at 850 Cigar Bar & Grill, 850 Montgomery/Jackson
BAD: Joe Rapoza decided after all this time that he needs a different job. He thinks it’s better…  Good for Joe, bad for us. Although we know where to find him…

On behalf of Management and in recognition of Joe’s contributions, he gets to drink and smoke for free tomorrow. Come buy him drinks and wish him well!!!
Make sure to add everyone I missed.

See you all there. Lots of love,

Puffn’sip — scaled down version this week…

Monday, April 11th, 2005
Bad news, people.
I was just informed by the Management that this week’s session was moved to the next week. There will be a Puff meeting at 850 Cigar Bar, with some sipping of course, but not until 8 PM.
So hopefully I will see you there.
Lots of love,

Seasons change, clocks jump back and forth — Puff’n'sip stays!

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

It’s all good news for Puff’n'sip followers –  It’s getting warmer and it is light out longer — a few extra sips or even one more cigar before it’s too dark to watch the smoke rings go up and disappear…
All right, I’ll stop. To business — tomorrow, on Puff’n'sip day we will start at

Harrington’s, Sacramento and Front around 5:21,
and proceed to
850 Cigar Bar, Montgomery and Jackson around 7:30.

See you there. And it is spring, so even more then usual
Love yall,