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Puff’n'sip — what’s missing in SF? Summer!!!

Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

I miss warmth. Summer clothes. Walks on the beach under the full moon… Where did the summer go? Really…

Anyhow, back to business. I was looking around and this so like totally intrigued me:

“Brand spanking new as of July, this gem of a bar is loungy as hel l… the place was full of beautiful people…” There was more, but this was enough for me. Three key words, you know…

So here what goes down this week — tomorrow, 9/21, we start at

5:25 PM @ John Colins @ 90 Natoma Street, off 2nd between Mission and Howard
then by
8:00 PM off to Cigar Bar & Grill @ 850 Montgomery.

Fill free to wear your summer clothes…
See you all there. I’ll bring in some smokes from Miami’s best.

Lotsa love,

Puff’n'sip — ok, fine, we’ll do it!

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005
It’s on. It’s tomorrow, September 14th, starting promptly at
5:21 PM @ Ozumo, Steuart Street
and, of course, continuing on at
7:46 PM to Cigar Bar & Grill, 850 Montgomery.
Come out and play.
Lotsa love,

Puff’n'sip — people don’t sleep in Buenos Aires.. They just don’t.

Tuesday, September 6th, 2005
Firstly — thanks, Andy, for trying… Right.
Well, we are ON this week. Summer is back in SF and the weather is calling for delightful 61, feels like 61, mostly sunny conditions. 
And we’ll meet @
5:30 PM @ Zebulon Restaurant and Bar. 83 Natoma Street San Francisco, CA 94105
and move on @
7:30 PM to Cigar Bar & Grill, 850 Montgomery/Jackson.
For those who puff — we have a special treat from the Management. And for those who are curious about the title — Argentina was definitely fun, not much sleep though. Beautiful country, fun people, but they all speak Spanish, and I don’t. Go figure… The party there starts about the time of the last call here. Meat is gamey, but very good and with a lot of variety.
See y’all tomorrow.
Lotsa luv,