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Puff’n'sip — a perfect storm..

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

And we sure had one last night…  Passionate and forceful, absolutely beautiful — what a night! I sure hope there are more coming…
But for now..
Tomorrow, Puff’n'sip day of March 1st, we’ll start @

5:23 PM @ Hi Dive, 26 Embarcadero
and proceed around
7:41 PM to Cigar Bar & Grill, 850 Montgomery

See you all tomorrow,
Lotsa love,

Puff’n'sip — 3/1 Meeting Agenda and Notes

Monday, February 27th, 2006

2/1 Meeting notes: We had a great time with Roberto at Ikes. There was a traditional gift sharing of cigars and friendly banter. Come back in the summer, Roberto, when you can smoke them this time!


It has also been discussed that we will keep the Puff’n'sip on the first Wed of each month for all of you who travel so much and then you will be able to schedule accordingly. I’ll still send out an email of where we are going.

Agenda for 3/1: We will go back to Rossi’s for the 2 for ones. It is located on 80 S 9th St, downtown.

Some additional photo’s for your viewing pleasure… [Photogallery is coming shortly....]

Take Care,

Sandee Brandt

Puff’n'sip — nothing ordinary

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

The title actually came from a completely different train of thought, because I was brusquely reminded that Puff’n'sip email just cannot be delayed, but it still applies here. This whole sentence was for GB, really

 This week’s Puff’n'sip is no ordinary Puff’n'sip. We are exploring this week. Yeah! Come join us.


First stop,

5:41 PM @ Rye, 688 Geary Street (and Leavenworth)

“…the bar is sleek and modern, yet very welcoming..”

“…this bar exudes sexiness..”

“…only complaint is that they don’t take credit cards..”

and once we have no cash left,

8:17 @ Cigar Bar and Grill, 850 Montgomery (and Jackson)


Just in case we show up with lots of cash, you might want to call Yung before going straight to Cigar Bar.

So thirsty and looking forward to tomorrow!

Lotsa love,


Puff’n'sip — is all about love. Anytime, anywhere..

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

I was asked by The Management to reassure all of you, poets and hard-core romantics, that there is a PLENTY of love out there. Love supplies are abundant and ever replenishing. So if you did not do anything or did not get anything today — just love with it, there is always tomorrow.

Speaking of tomorrow:
5: 21 PM @ 21st Amendment, 563 2nd Street ( — strong beer month!)
7:44 PM @ Cigar Bar and Grill, 850 Montgomery

Hope to see you!
Lotsa love,

Puff’n'sip — sunny days, happy days again..

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
Now, you can go calmly about your business knowing that Puff’n'sip is ON this week. Yes, it is.
Kicking off at about…
5:12 PM @ Palomino, Hill Bro’s Building/Embarcadero
and then…
7:32 PM @ Cigar Bar and Grill, 850 Montgomery/Jackson
Lotsa love,