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Super Special Edition — Tiki Pub Crawl!!!

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Aloha kâkou!

It’s close — Friday, August 24 is THE day!

Don’t forget to bring your aloha shirts, grass skirts, coconut bras, flower leis, and/or sarongs to work tomorrow! Tara still has a few grass skirts, so if you want a Tiki Pub Crawl package let me know. They were cheaper than we thought, so only $15 for the package below. We’re going to meet at EZ-5, at Kearney and Commercial (see map) around 5PM. Musubi spam and tropical drinks! `Ono! (delicious)

If you get lost SMS or call Andy, Yung, or Tara. Our numbers are below.

Dress Code

Aloha shirts, grass skirts, coconut bras, flower leis, sarongs

Crawl Itinerary(map)

EZ5 5 to 6:30PM

Li Po  6:40 to 8PM

Bamboo Hut 8:10 to 9:10PM

Hawaii West  9:20 to 10:30PM

Butter 11PM till closing

Special Tiki Pub Crawl Package

1 grass skirt, 1 lei, and all-you-can-eat musubi spam for $15. We only have 12 extra grass skirts so reserve yours ASAP. P.S. We’re breaking even on this, hopefully.

Tara 415.515.2859

Andy 415.513.2622

Yung 415.734.7301

Puff-n-Sip Costume Pub Crawl Subcommittee




Puff’n'sip — taking on the Sin City

Thursday, August 24th, 2006

Today’s Puff’n'sip goes out to our friend Alex — he’s taking off on an undercover mission to the Sin Capital of the World. Lots of good wishes to Alex! And, now that we have one of our own in the midst of them… The Vegas Chapter of Puff’n'sip?! Heck, yeah!

Today, Puff’n'sip day of August 23rd, we will stroll down the memory path — this is where it all started…

5:16 PM @ Cosmopolitan Cafe, 121 Spear Street (at Howard)

then @ about

6:53 PM to Kate O’Briens, 579 Howard Street (@ 2nd)

and still more

8:02 PM to ThirstyBear, 661 Howard Street (@ 3rd)

winding down at my favorite Cigar Bar And Grill, 850 Montgomery (@ Jackson).

Lotsa love,

Big Red.

Puff’n'sip — clouds scare me no more, I’ve got my own sunshine…

Tuesday, August 15th, 2006

Today I have nothing to say.Bitter inspires me.

And I have nothing to be bitter about. I see sky, I am well fed, someone pays, and I glow…

Apparently. Just lovely…

Tomorrow, Puff’n'sip day of August 16th, we shall ‘relax in style and sophistication’ @

5:21 PM @ Fluid Ultra Lounge (662 Mission/3rd)

continuing on @

7:17 PM @ Cigar Bar And Grill (850 Montgomery/Jackson)

Gil — this is all a part of my new song — don’t quote it back to everyone yet.

See you all tomorrow.

Lotsa love,

Big Red.

Puff’n'sip — as I look out at the gray cloudy skies…

Tuesday, August 8th, 2006

And think of you, weather, traffic, XBRL, stem cell research, and Puff’n'sip, I smile. Faintly and thoughtfully… That’s right — you and Puff’n'sip make me smile. Weather, traffic, etc. doesn’t really…

So let’s get to it! I will see you @ Puff’n'sip of August 9th, 2006 @

5:17 PM @ John Colins, 90 Natoma (@2nd Street)

and see more of you @

7:39 PM @ Cigar Bar and Grill, 850 Montgomery (@Jackson)

Lotsa love,

Big Red.

Puff’n'sip — dawn of the new Red? Cubans are coming…

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

Not sure if you caught this one, but…

“This is the first time Mr Castro has relinquished any of his duties as head of the communist state since he came to power in 1959…” Whoa.. Cubans are coming? Over the counter Cubans? Anyhow, go see Cuba while it’s still red…

To business!

Tomorrow, Puff’n'sip of August 2, 2006 will begin @

5:24 PM @ Azul, 1 Tillman Place (Off Grant/Sutter)

and move on @

7:17 PM to Cigar Bar, 850 Montgomery (Jackson)

Lotsa love,

Big Red.

Human interest story…

Tuesday, August 1st, 2006

“Can someone who spends most of her Wednesdays drinking and ends up missing nearly all of her late-week training sessions, finish a half marathon?The answer is YES, with a huge improvement in her time (up from 2 hours 20 minutes in October).”Don’t believe me? Go to SF Marathon and check it out. Both Cat and The Intern did it. Awesome!Lotsa love,

Big Red.