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Puff-n-Sipp Special Event — Bad Bunny Pub Crawl!

Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Bunnies … they’re dumber than a box of hair, they’re as cute as baby harp seals, they jump around like toasted-out spastics, and they love to hump each other.  What’s not to like?
You can be a bunny too! Join us for the 2nd Annual Bad Bunny Pub Crawl. Bunnies of all types are welcome: full-costume bunnies, head-and-tail costume bunnies, pink bunnies … providing they are cute bunnies. This macro-headed bunny is a creepy-scary bunny. Not allowed! 
Neither are Santas, so no Santa costumes, unless you want some major bunny-fu unleashed on your sorry, fat Santa butt!

Date: Friday March 30th, starting around 5 PM

Location: North Beach, more details later

We will be raising money to support the Blind Babies Foundation Beeper Egg Hunt (seriously). Donations will be collected during the crawl. Stingy bunnies are not cute!

Costume Resources

  • Buying –  about $100,
  • Renting –  about $40, Costumes on Haight
  • Bunny ears – $25. We’re placing a big order so let us know ASAP if you want bunny ears. Any profits will go to the Blind Babies Foundation


This is not an exclusive event; please invite others, with our apologies for missing them on the initial invite.
Yung, Tara, and Andy
Puff-n-Sip Pub Crawl Committee

Special note for Canadians: Although bunnies may look like cute baby harp seals, they are not. No baseball bats allowed on the crawl!

going green in Minneapolis

Monday, March 12th, 2007

You don’t have know the lyrics to ‘Oh Danny Boy’. You don’t have to kiss anyone who is or isn’t Irish – totally your call. After all, there is always Blarney. You don’t have to wear green, but you may want to consider…

Thursday, March 15 – 4:30 p.m. – Kieran’s Irish Pub

A Puff’n'sip limerick in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. {Thanks BB!}

For the 15th of March here’s a tip
Be seen at the next Puff’n'sip
Cause St. Paddy’s is comin’
And we all will be summoned
To raise a pint or two to our lip!