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Bad bunnies get kudos from Blind Babies!

Tuesday, April 17th, 2007

Forwarded from the BBF. Thanks, bunnies!


April 13, 2007
Puff & Sip Bad Bunny Pub Crawl
San Francisco, CA 94122


Dear Bad Bunnies,

On behalf of the board, staff and families we serve, thank you very much for your generous gift of $300.00 for Blind Babies Foundation’s 6th Annual Beeper Egg Hunt! Your gift helped Blind Babies Foundation (BBF) to provide children who are blind and visually impaired an opportunity to participate in the excitement of an egg hunt. Your sponsorship will also provide much needed funds to support ongoing services for the children and their families throughout the year.

Ongoing services that will be funded through your generosity include home visits by our Vision Impairment Specialists, which begin immediately upon referral to BBF (often right after a diagnosis has been made), medical visit accompaniment, collaboration with and specialized training for childcare providers and school district teachers, advocacy, information and referrals. All services are provided to empower parents to develop and use their own strengths to best advocate for and parent their children, given their child’s unique needs.

Thank you so much for your support of this important work, which is vital to the future of each child we serve here at Blind Babies Foundation.


Sincerely yours,
Julie Bernas-Pierce
Executive Director
Blind Babies Foundation