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Fun with Google Maps

Monday, June 25th, 2007

Though acceptance and generosity are hallmarks of the Puff ‘n Sip code, we’re not above a little good natured tourist hatin’ and misinformation spreadin’.  With the spirit of light hearted fun firmly invoked we present the Google Map for San Francisco Tourist Sites for People You Hate.

Puff’n'sip Pub Crawl Committee Prezents: Caddyshack Bar Gold event!!!

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Just a reminder that this Friday is Caddyshack Bar Golf!  Golfing attire is encouraged (in particular, Caddyshack themed), but everyone is welcome!  I’ll send the score sheet later this week.
A sample of our itinerary:

  • Norton’s
  • Voda
  • Tunnel Top
  • Red Room (they’re closing in July, so this might be your last chance)
  • Summer Place

Bar Golf is a drinking game where each bar is assigned a “par” value. “Par” at each bar will differ, by what you drink, and how you drink it. Prizes for the winners!

The Rules (details will come with the scoring sheet)

  • The objective is to achieve the highest score
  • Each person has to have a drink on each hole (bar), this is a par
  • A drink is considered to be a beer, cocktail, or shot
  • You can attempt to score a bonus drink once the you’ve gotten par at each bar
  • If you attempt a bonus drink and fail, you must subtract 2 strokes for that hole.

Andy, Tara, and Yung
Puff-n-Sip Pub Crawl Committee