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The Second Annual Bar Golf is Here!

Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Print out this scorecard and meet us this Friday, June 27 for the Second Annual Bar Golf! All are welcome! Wear golfing attire (if you’ve got it), but no clubs please!

Itinerary (Google map version)

4:30 – 5:30 @ 83 Proof (1st and Mission)

5:40 – 7:00 @ Voda (56 Belden Place, around Bush and Pine)

7:15 – 8:45 @ Tunnel Top (601 Bush @ Stockton)

9:00 – 10:15 @ Cantina (580 Sutter @ Mason)

10:15 – ??:?? @ Bacchus Kirk (925 Bush @ Taylor)

The objective is to get the highest score. There are 5 bars (The Course) each representing a “hole”. To score a par (+1) for a hole you must finish one drink (beer, wine, cocktail, shot – of your choice) for that hole. Add a stroke (+1) for each drink you finish over par. Ladies will be given a 3 shot handicap!

Each bar has a “Bonus drink” worth strokes (+2). You can only score a bonus drink once you have at least finished par. If you attempt a bonus drink and fail, you must subtract 2 strokes for that hole.

Winner get’s a DVD of Caddyshack, and bragging rights for an entire year! (till the next Bar Golf Tournament).

Puff-n-Sip Pub Crawl Committee

Andy, Tara, Yung

Looking straight into the sun…

Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

This morning, and I am thinking to myself: “One sure is in luck if one needs to sneeze this week. Plenty of sun to look straight into. Good.” But then, if there ever was a glorious week for Puff’n'sip, this one completely outshines it. Why? Well…

Firstly, BB, my little sunshine – you rock. Shine on, you, crazy diamond. Lotsa love!
Then, CC, who starting this Saturday will forever be known as Mr & Mrs CC — congratulations! Extremely happy for you!
And then, LM, who, just like our buddy Sun, never tires to radiate joy and delight – happy birthday!
And there is still more, down below, but to business! Today’s, June 11, 2008 Puff’n'sip will commence celebrations @

5:01 PM @ Palomino, 345 Spear (Embarcadero @ Folsom actually)
and travel on @
6:58 PM to Cigar Bar and Grill, 850 Montgomery (@ Jackson)
For those of you willing to commit your drinking talents to a good cause, SF-FIND awaits you!

And don’t forget – second annual Bar Golf is coming June 27th!

Lotsa love,
Big Red.

What’s covered in red and white checkers…

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

..And smells like flowers? Yup, you got it – Puff’n’sip is going to the picnic today. There is a good chance of an after-event puffing session, so let’s just say that today’s, June 4, 2008 Puff’n’sip starts @

5:17 PM @ Cigar Bar and Grill, 850 Montgomery (@ Jackson)
and just stays there…

One more thing – with sincere apologies, the Management would like to acknowledge that they’ve destroyed the distribution list yet one more time… Let me know if you don’t get this email anymore. We’ll work something out.

Lotsa love,
Big Red.