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I wonder, more often…

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010

than not, about what drives people like you and I to poetry? Do we find pace and rhythm attractive and comforting, like “hello, hello, hello, how low (repeat 3 times..)”, or ambiguous images and invocations, like “come dowsed in mud, soaked in bleach”, stimulating and entertaining? At the end it’s all just words…

And the word is  - today’s may 19, 2010 Puff’n’sip is on. We well commence @

 5:11 PM @ Harlot,  46 Minna (@ Shaw between 1st and 2nd)

and venture @

7:01 PM to Cigar Bar and Grill, 850 Montgomery (@ Jackson)

Lotsa love,

Big Red.

killing me softly…

Wednesday, May 12th, 2010

there are some things you just know. Call it intuition, archetype, a gut feel (very ironic description in this era of stomach flu’s), or just lucky foresight, but it’s there. Just sitting there, available to you as Knowledge, deep and shiny in all its might. But the truth is that we spend so much of our time proving or simply neglecting it anyhow. Google it  if you must, but between sleep and doubt we are halfway done with the lifespan allotted. And there is time where we act with an ecliptic disregard for knowledge, which often has long lasting affects and can really mess with one’s identity. All in all it shows that we waste  a lot of time disregarding that teeny inner voice,we ought to trust. At the end – you do prove yourself right, one or twelve steps later, and reaffirm the righteous path.

What all this about? Here, case point: “The strongest medical evidence exists for the link between moderate drinking and a reduced risk of heart disease.. Men [I am sure they meant it in ‘human beings’ sense - BR] who consumed alcohol between three and seven days a week had fewer heart attacks than men who drank once a week.”

Your response – “I knew that!” – is absolutely correct and is right to the point of this observation. Speaking of ‘to the point’,

Today’s, May 12, 2010 Puff’n’sip is on. We kick off precisely @

5:02 PM @ Chaya Brasserie, 132 Embarcadero (@ Howard)

and march on to our hearts’ health @

7:09 PM to  Cigar Bar & Grill, 850 Montgomery (@ Jackson)

Stay healthy!

Big Red