Puff’n'holdem VI — making dreams come true…

$280 in support of Support for Families of Children with Disabilities (SFCD). Well done!

Puff’n'sip’s own Senior Intern took the pot. I’ve never seen her so happy. I had a quote from the winner prepared last night, something about dreams-come-true and ‘I am so happy I can cry’, but I forgot it.

So here is the PR release quote:
“I couldn’t have won without the help of my friends: Stas, for never believing I could do it (made me want to win even more); Andrew Cheung for going “all in” on the second hand; Yung, for going “all in” on the last hand against my winning combination of super low cards; and last (but not least), Anastasia, our friendly bar lass, who leant me her lucky pair of Channel sunglasses…frankly, I think the bling blinded the competition!” — Senior Intern, May 17, 2007.

Thanks again to all who played or donated! You rock!

Lotsa love,
The Management.

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