Puff-n-Sip – Giants Parade Edition

Greetings Puff-n-Sip! Sorry for the late email. Stas is in NY, and I’ve been trapped in the crowds on market street all day. Did anyone happen to notice those hordes of black and orange today? Hey, I luv Giants fans like I luv oxygen, but … please, stay away from my favorite bars!

Due to the inclement crowds, we’ve got what we are going to call our “Plan A” and “Plan B.” Please carefully follow these instructions:

  • Plan A – 5:07PM at Perry’s at 155 Steuart Street, between Mission and Howard
  • Plan B – 5:10PM Ozumo almost next door (161 Steuart), but only if Perry’s is too crowded, or you hate Perrys

Then we skip and hop over to Cigar Bar (850 Montgomery Street) around 7:30PM, … unless you hate the Cigar Bar.

Let’s go, … Giants.


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