Puff-n-Sip Functional Friday

A holiday tomorrow, and daylight savings time last Sunday. My internal clock is spinning. No wait, it gets worse. Today is Puff-n-Sip, which is normally in the middle of the week, but because of the holiday, it’s functionally a Friday Puff-n-Sip. And you know what we do on Friday Puff-n-Sip events?

Veterans Day PnS Pub Crawl
4:30PM-ish Irish Times Bar at Sansome and Sacramento
7PM Bamboo Hut, Broadway between Kearny and Montgomery
9PM 15 Romolo, just follow the group across the street

Special appearance tonight by BigRed and Yung Zhang. Also, it’s Darin Woon’s b-day, so buy him a shot.


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