you better not cry…

I could go on-n-on and wax prosaic with jingles, and bells, and ho-ho-ho’s, and pagan myths, and commercialization, and consumerism.. but I am sure that’s not what you want to hear. So here, I am to let you know that it’s all true, it will happen again, and the shiny pointy already dead tree in the Union Square is a sure sign that…

 The VI Annual Bad Santa Pub Crawl is headed for you!

It will commence on December 10, 2010 as early as 4:32 PM directly from 83 Proof (83 First Street).  So go ahead, shake wrinkles and bit off your red trousers and wash that Santa hat this weekend, and call up your friends, and be prepared, and we will see you there!

I know you are all excited and want to hear more. Hold it! The specially formed Puff’n’sip Pub Crawl Committee is working out all the details and will be back to you shortly.

We’ll have times, places, and charities mapped out for you. We will be offering get ups and disguises for a moderate price to benefit those who should be benefited.  We’ll be singing traditional songs with not-so traditional gusto. We will have great time! You just need to show up.

Lotsa love, 

Bad Santa Pub Crawl Committee.

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