And there you have it – a new year!…

Wishes. Hopes. Resolutions. Goals. Plans. Goals without plans, and plans to a no particular goal. So many opportunities!… New Year is a whole lot like a newborn baby. You want to love them, you feel the urge. Nature vs nurture is absolutely irrelevant here since it’s so overwhelmingly universal. You even lie to the parents that it’s the cutest one ever and raise your voice to an embarrassing on any other occasion pitch( thinking somehow that if you squeak the phase “oogly-googly” it would translate into ‘I am your best friend!’ – n-no…) But still, hold on to that feeling. Soak it in, preserve it. It only happens once a year – the rest are simply aftershocks… Happy New Year! We made it! And with that, today’s Puff’n’sip is on!

We’ll congregate @ precisely 5:07 PM @ Chaya Brasserie, 132 Embarcadero (@ Howard).

And we might continue on to a next stop. We’ll decide later.  We have a whole year ahead of us!

Lotsa love.

Big Red.

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