i know just the best way to kick it…

In – and by ‘it’, I obviously mean the new year with its pounding guilt and pressure to overpromise. And for all of you trying hard to line up, and often document, all the goodness you are to do for yourself and hopefully for others in the incoming 2-0-1-2, I have some words of advice:

-do it all before the world ends. All the goodness is merely a sentimental notion after that.

-make it a learning and introspective exercise. There is no good without bad, it is all about eternal flow, about elevating spiral of inner knowledge, and clarity of  motives. Find it in you, recognize and study it – the bad. And good would be so much more… gooder.

I can see you rolling your eyes, thinking – another diet advice that no-one could ever follow. Not so! –  we have a simple and true recipe anyone can follow. And it works better as a team – bring you friends and family, if they are fun, along!

It starts with Bad Santa Pub Crawl this Friday, December 16, 2011 @ precisely 4:21 PM!!

Did that get your attention – read on! Find us on Facebook!

Lots of love and holiday joy,

Big Red.

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