Puff’n'sip — 3/1 Meeting Agenda and Notes

2/1 Meeting notes: We had a great time with Roberto at Ikes. There was a traditional gift sharing of cigars and friendly banter. Come back in the summer, Roberto, when you can smoke them this time!


It has also been discussed that we will keep the Puff’n'sip on the first Wed of each month for all of you who travel so much and then you will be able to schedule accordingly. I’ll still send out an email of where we are going.

Agenda for 3/1: We will go back to Rossi’s for the 2 for ones. It is located on 80 S 9th St, downtown.

Some additional photo’s for your viewing pleasure… [Photogallery is coming shortly....]

Take Care,

Sandee Brandt

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