Back to school — what a lucky ….

Take a note –Chad got his acceptance letter from Berkeley, so while we’ll miss him dearly, it’s time to unleash him on the Berkeley campus and see what happens. (*don’t wince!*) He’s not leaving yet, but let’s get together and celebrate, regardless.


So, Friday 5/12, 4:36 PM, Taylor’s Refresher, Ferry Building. Bring your best college stories. I have all mine written down in a separate blog….. 

See you there, Big Red.  


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  1. Joey Says:

    Congratualtions Chad! I wish I could be there to help you celebrate but I have to p/u Kai after work. Lynn’s planning on stopping by and Stas will be there to drink my beer for me for the toast, so I’m sure you’ll be well covered.

    Berkeley has some h*t chics! You’ll be in good hands! :)

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