Reaching out to the stars…

Well, actually one Lone Star, really. But we are seriously talking about opening a Texas chapter. Right, Sharon?And the Greater Pacific-Northwest chapter is also in negitiations. Can’t wait!

Next step -- World Domination!

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  1. Sharon Allen Says:

    Yes, I think the first TX chapter (in Austin of course) sounds like a plan! I think I need to experience a ‘real’ Puff~n~Sip event though to get the specifics in order before launching in TX – I’m sure we can get that scheduled.

  2. Big Red Says:


  3. Roberto Says:

    awesome indeed – nice work amigo.

  4. Jeff Says:

    Austin – wonderful! I just puchased a South Padre condo – we could hold a Texas Week “spring break” P-n-S event in the future on the island.. once the Texans have fully organized their chapter, of course. Hook’em Horns.

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